Record Clearing

Millions of Texans have a prior arrest record. Individuals with criminal records face barriers to housing, employment, public assistance, educational opportunities, and more.
Texas law provides for the destruction or sealing of records pertaining to an arrest, charge, or conviction in certain circumstances. An expunction is a court order to erase or destroy records. An order of nondisclosure is a court order that seals records or restricts who may access the information.

Although available under the law, record clearing services remain inaccessible to indigent Texans. The process to clear criminal records is complex, generally requiring the assistance of an attorney to help determine eligibility for relief and to navigate the process to obtain relief.

Providing Legal Services

TFDP provides free legal assistance to people who are entitled to criminal record clearing under the law.

The Record Clearing program is currently not accepting new clients. Please check back in the future to complete our intake form.

Advocating for Change

TFDP is working with local and national partners to push for reforms to make record clearing services more accessible to all Texans.

Because poverty is not a crime.

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