Corporate Matching

Looking to make your donation to TFDP go even further? Great news: it's easy!

Did you know that hundreds of employers throughout Texas will
match a donation to TFDP? Individuals can often see their support doubled–and in some cases, even tripled–simply by notifying their workplace, usually through a basic form or process. Better yet, this support can multiply further when colleagues join in with workplace-matched donations of their own. Your act of generosity can ultimately help TFDP’s programs many times over.
Fortunately, finding out whether your company participates in donation matching is very straightforward. HEPdata’s online tool shows which employers match gifts, how much they will match, and how to ensure your employer matches your support to TFDP.

You may need some basic information to provide to your company’s giving coordinator or online platform about TFDP:

Organization: Texas Fair Defense Project
Address: 314 E. Highland Mall Blvd., Ste. 204, Austin, TX 78752
Phone: 512-637-5220
EIN: 38-3740913

If you’d like to set up a corporate matching program with your employer for TFDP, or need more information about your donation’s eligibility for employer matching funds, please email our Operations Manager, Katie, at