Probation Assistance

The costs and conditions associated with probation keep many Texans trapped in a cycle of poverty and put them at risk of incarceration.
The fines and fees associated with probation can run in the thousands. Texans who cannot keep up with the payments are at risk of having their probation extended or revoked, further entangling them in the criminal legal system simply because they do not have access to financial resources. In addition to the costs, the conditions of probation can impose challenging restrictions on individuals and jeopardize their ability to obtain employment, relocate, or enroll in higher education programs.

There is no right to counsel during a probation period. TFDP provides assistance to eligible individuals to get relief from the fines, fees, and conditions associated with probation, and to discharge people from probation early.

Providing Legal Services

TFDP provides free legal assistance to people who may be eligible for early termination of probation.

If you think you might be eligible for our services, please complete our application here.

Advocating for Change

TFDP is working with local and national partners to push for reforms to make probation termination services more accessible to all Texans.

Because poverty is not a crime.

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